#Throwback again, we had another blogger gathering party and this round we have another 3 gorgeous ladies with us, which is Yumi, Sally and Angie. The event was held on 21st January 2018 and is our first blogger party for the year. Anyway, happy new year everyone!

The party started sharp on 11AM and they had been through the introduction, treatment experience as well as sharing of experience session.

We are providing natural honey base treatment on their Hand and Leg for this round, let’s watch the video here:

We are happy to had a successful gathering party with the girls and here’s some highlight photo.

The tea is ready..

Simple introduction by our boss, Mr.Ben and Aroma Garden store manager, Jenny.

More information and details sharing about Aroma Garden and it’s treatments hence not forget about the key products we have, “ONCE” which is 100% natural honey base beauty products.

Wooo, they spotted the newly launched product, ONCE EXPOSURE hair reduction set.

Jenny is showing an actual photos of a customer to Sally and Angie.

Ben did further explanation on the particular customer journey from day 1 until recovered from serious acne.

Angie:”Alright, snap first..don’t talk.”

Sally:”Saya mau snap juga”

Yumi:”Ahhhh…alright, follow the majority then…”

Ben is also today’s highlight among the bloggers, well, he deserved it with the shining smile. =)

Happy Sally, can’t wait to explore the product.

Yumi:”Honey base product…looks yummmmmmmm”

Sally:”Ok lah, let you smell abit la”

So…ONCE natural honey products…is actually fine for intake?? for real?

Yumi:”I don’t believe, lai…i want to try”

Yumi:”is tasty..surprisingly!”

Ready for their treatment and standing by with the cam ladies.

Measuring the leg before the treatment start, well, instant result is on the way.

A quick pose while waiting for the skin to absorb all the goodies.