We are happy to invite these 3 ladies for the visit to Aroma Garden by bringing the experience of our unique natural honey base facial and body treatment.

Leeza, Fish and Chin Yee is having their first experience and touch base with us and went through the fruitful session with Ben, one of the co-founder of Aroma Garden Wellness Center and Doctor KG, the founder of “Once” product.

Introduction session carry out by both Ben and Doctor KG together with the ladies.

Experiencing Leg and Foot treatment by our beauty therapist.

Once refining mask is used to firm and brighten up their leg and feet.

The first blogger gathering tea party is successfully ended with positive feedback hence we are felt great to make you looks better and greater.

We hope to see you again soon at Aroma Garden Wellness Center!

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Fish: http://bit.ly/2CP5p4X
Chin Yee: http://bit.ly/2DhGx6K

We welcome any bloggers to send us the enquiry if you are interested to experience our treatment and to find out how we can beautify you better.

Email us at: inquiry@aroma.garden